Metta Meditation Group & Livestream

EVERY MONDAY, 7-8:30pm
No Class Sept 2 in Honor of Holiday

Join us each week to practice lovingkindness meditation and cultivate your intention of living wisely and kindly for yourself, each other, our community, and the world. Join the Facebook livestream at this link.


No preparation or prior participation is necessary to attend any class. The following optional practices, readings, and vows are recommended to support your awakening heart and to deepen your wisdom.

Anger & Frustration – cultivating patience and wisdom

Meditation Phrases
May I be open to the way things are with you, may we be happy, may we live in peace

Daily Practice
Notice each day when you get angry. You don’t have to do anything or change it, just notice and write it down.

Links to Recommended Readings:
Embracing Anger: Thich Nhat Hanh


Kim started this weekly practice community in 2015 at The Interdependence Project. Beginners as well as more experienced meditators are welcome to join this event. Buddhists, non-Buddhists, and people of any tradition can participate.  

This community is committed to recognizing both the unique experience of each individual, as well as the collective experience all living beings share.

Metta Group is offered on a voluntary donation basis by the practice of generosity. Your contribution enables this program to exist and thrive. Suggested donation is $25 and you are encouraged to offer what is appropriate for your circumstances. Each participant is a blessing to the entire group, and no one with financial difficulties will be turned away. 




Metta, translated as "lovingkindness", is the practice of offering kindness and compassion to yourself and other living beings.  A traditonal Buddhist method of mind training, LKM has become increasingly popular as western research indicates it increases positive emotions and feelings of social connection, decreases physical pain,activates empathy and emotional processing, slows aging, curbs self-criticism, and decreases biases towards others.  You can read more about LKM research at this link.  


We end our meditation by reciting Shantideva's Bodhisattva Vow together.  In this way, we remind ourselves that we are not alone in our endeavors to awaken - countless people and living beings in the past, the present, and the future are also committed to creating a wise and compassionate world.  Reciting this vow is optional, and it doesn't make you a Buddhist - it's simply a tool to reinforce our heartfelt and sincere aspirations and intentions. 


We meet in the lovely Meditation Room at Love and Compassion Healing Center, 124 E. 40th Street, 12th Floor, Suite PH, New York, NY. The building is located between Park and Lexington, two blocks from Grand Central Station. 

Please take Elevator C behind the security desk to 12th Floor. The front elevator (D) goes only up to the 11th Floor.