Long the sole purview of priests or other authority figures, each one of us can learn to offer aspirations and benedictions - without religiosity or requesting divine intercession – as a means to help orient our lives in wisdom and compassion. 

Kim teaches individuals and groups to bestow blessings and prayers to help create auspicious conditions necessary for your wishes to flourish, generate a sense of personal agency and good will, and establish and encourage a collective commitment to beneficial action. Making blessings together can deeply support and align a group’s work and values.

Kim also offers Blessing Ceremonies to help you celebrate important events and occasions, such as weddings and graduations, and to commemorate an anniversary, or to encourage a successful life endeavor like a new home or business. She is a Certified Marriage Officiant in NYC. 


May we recognize our profound connection to all sentient beings. May we meet ourselves and others with appreciation and lovingkindness. May it be so!


Prayer Requests

Please email Kim with the name of the person you wish her to pray for and the reason, and they will be added to Kim’s daily prayer meditation.